19-20 October 2018. Pediatric Technology Center, Atlanta, GA

Med Hack Atl

Massive gathering of Technology and Medical Professionals

Introducing Atlanta Medical Hackathon

Atlanta Medical Hackathon is a hackathon focusing on bringing Medical and Technology professionals together. Together, a merging of the minds will allow for solving of some common medical technology problems.

Discover Solutions

Create solutions for top medical technology needs, teaming with peers, colleges, and experts.

Multi Disciplinary

Learn to work with peers outside your specialty to create solutions that can be implemented today.

Awards and Prizes

Compete for prizes from top companies in the Medical Technology industry while showcasing your own expertise.

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Innovating around medical technology

Hackathons are a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. The Atlanta Medical Hackathon brings business, technology, and medical professionals together to solve problems within the medical industry by combining the knowledge base of different specialties in an innovative environment.

The inaugural Atlanta Medical Hackathon is meant to bring medical professionals into the normal hackathon flow. By bringing in medical professionals (and students) to the hackathon, it allows for subject matter experts and possible end users to have direct input and work in the solution creation process.

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Medical Challenges

Medical Technology Forward

Navigating Healthcare


Patients have great difficulty knowing where to get the care they need at the right time. Part of the challenge comes with having an incredibly complex health care delivery system. To help patients, create new tools to improve patients navigate through the health care system and obtain access to community-based care, wellness programs, and other ancillary services that support individuals improve their health.

Transparency in Healthcare

Productivity | Connectivity

Transparency, whether cost, data, or anything else, has been a great issue in health care. Without information patients cannot make the right decisions on treatments, doctors, or labs/imaging amongst a long list of other things such as wait times. Tackle problems in data transparency to allow for patients to discover what medical information is around them (providers, insurance acceptance, pricing, wait times, etc.). Solutions should consider open access and HIPPA compliance.

Accessible Healthcare


Patients need to be supported by tools that will educate and empower them to make the right lifestyle choices and help them stick to their treatment plans. They get some information from their physicians or other sources but a single source would dispel a lot of mixed messages and help patients follow suit with decisions that support a health life. Create a solution that allow patients to make better health decisions allowing for self-management of disease and condition and to know when to contact their medical provider. Think creatively on how to change patients' thinking from "The doctor will see you now" to “The patient will see you now”


Transitioning to Adult Care

Mobility | Pediatric

Changing doctors is never easy. When you’re a teenager new to advocating for your own health care, or one who has a chronic illness like diabetes or cystic fibrosis, it can be even more challenging to make the transition. Create new tools to assist pediatricians, family physicians, and internists to support all adolescents, including those with special health care needs, as they transition to an adult model of health care.

Medical Imaging

Emerging Technologies

Medical imaging refers to several different technologies that are used to view the human body in order to diagnose, monitor, or treat medical conditions. Each type of technology gives different information about the area of the body being studied or treated, related to possible disease, injury, or the effectiveness of medical treatment. Create innovative solutions using imaging technologies and data analytics to provide better patient care.

Custom Challenge


If you have an idea that drives you to create a solution then work on it and present it at the end of the hackathon. Keep it medically focused

Event Schedule

19 October - 20 October 2018.


Registration, keynote, networking, reception & appetizers


Attendees will sign in and make badges stating their name, specialty, and preferred challenge. Initial instructions for the event will be given and so will drinks and appetizers.


During registration and appetizers, team formation will begin. If you are not joining an existing team, there is time to network and find the right team for you.


Registration, breakfast, opening address, & problem/idea pitches

9:00am - Registration & breakfast

Attendees will sign in and make badges stating their name, specialty, and preferred challenge. Breakfast will be served and those still looking for teams will be able to network.

10:00am - Opening Address

An opening address will be given by organizers and sponsors covering the event background and goals.

10:30am - Problem / Idea pitches

An opening address will be given by organizers and sponsors covering the event background and goals.




Hacking Ends!

Hacking ends and teams will present to judges. Each team will give a 3 minute presentation to the judges about what they made during the event.


Award Ceremony

After the judges deliberations are finished, the winners will be awarded their prizes and the event will wrap up.

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Leaders in Medicine and Technology

Ken Muse

Cloud Architect & Software Engineer

Ken is a cross-platform cloud architect and recovering polyglot programmer with more than 20 years of experience developing code in C, C#, Java, .NET, and PHP. He is a Microsoft ALM | DevOps Ranger, an Azure MVP, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a member of the Microsoft Azure Advisors. As the Consulting Director at Wintellect, Ken is helping companies of all sizes to master DevOps and develop sustainable cloud-scale architectures.

Rie Irish

Mom, Mentor, SQL Server DBA, Feminist

Rie is a single Mom raising her beautiful daughter in North Georgia. She has been a SQL Server DBA for over 20 years. She's worked in many industries including the non-profit sector, big pharma, federal contracting, eDiscovery and payment processing. She is currently Director of Database Administration for a payment security firm in Atlanta. She is very involved with the Atlanta MDF User Group and serves as Executive Director of their SQL Saturday. She is co-leader for the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group. She is an Idera Super Star and a Microsoft MVP on the Data Platform.


How to register

You can register using the eventbrite link. From there, all information about roles, lunch, and other items are covered.

Can I compete

The hackathon is open to technology students and medical students currently attending Georgia Tech, Morehouse, and Emory. To register, sign up on our eventbrite link using your school email address.

Do challenges have prizes

Challenges that are sponsored have prizes. The prize is listed next to the title of the challenge and the winner will be determined by the sponsor of the challenge.

What are mentors

Mentors are experienced technologist or medical professionals. The purpose of mentors is to guide hackers through technical and medical problems and impart experience as to how patients, technology, and industry interact.

Can I help

Volunteers help with tasks throughout the day of the hackathon. Everything from helping with food and guiding hackers, volunteers are essential to a successful hackathon.

How do I find a team

During registration there will be a two hour meet and greet to find teams. At the time of the meet and greet, hackers should find a group and come up with a plan to complete a challenge.

Contact Info

Address:950 Atlantic Dr. NW Office 1041 Atlanta, GA 30332

Mail: contact@medhackatl.com